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Gray Street trees – consultation to be carried out

by Ian Yuill on 13 January, 2018

Photo of south Gray Street treesA number of residents have been concerned for some time about the large amount of fruit that falls every autumn from the street trees onto the pavements of the section of Gray Street between Broomhill Road and Holburn Street.

Residents are concerned that, once squashed, these fruit can make the pavements very slippery.

Council staff have now agreed to carry out a consultation with residents about the future of these street trees and whether they should be replaced or not. This consultation should take place within the next few weeks.

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4 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Why aren’t residents being encouraged to pick the fruit rather than remove the trees? Removing them is a retrograde environment step, and replacing them is a waste of taxpayers money. I live in the area and will happily pick the fruit as it ripens. The odd bit that falls to be ground does not pose a slip hazard.

  2. Eileen Leslie says:

    When I emailed Richard Nicholson on 17th October last year I attached two photos of the mess the fruit was making on the pavements. He agreed with me that the amount of fruit was obviously causing problems, and not only when they are squashed into the pavement. I have emailed you two photos which you should perhaps show on your site so that everyone can see how bad the problem is. Showing a tree with no leaves or fruit on the ground is no use at all.

  3. Iain says:

    It should be possible in our area to have appropriate trees in every tree pit, many of which are abandoned and some roughly covered over. As many trees as possible is to be welcomed for the environment in the hope that a programme of replacement can be put in place as soon as trees die off. A survey to identify the current number of spaces would be a useful start. The fruit issue is very specific, but it is obvious that there is a wide variety of trees in different streets.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      I regularly ask for missing street trees to be replaced – and council staff have acted on these requests over recent years.

      If there is a particular street (or streets) where are you would like to see missing street trees replaced please let me have the details by e-mail at iyuill@abrdeencity.gov.uk and I will make a request to cancel staff.

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