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Barriers finally removed from South Anderson Drive – Holburn Street footpath

by Ian Yuill on 11 February, 2018

Photo of blocked footpathThe barriers which have been blocking the footpath from South Anderson Drive to Holburn Street have finally been removed – months after they were first put up without permission by a neighbouring business.

Different reasons for the barriers being put up have been given over the last few months – anti-social behaviour, a dangerous building and, most recently, the legal status of the area.

Much of the area which was blocked off is owned by the council and the footpath has been used by people for very many years.

The council’s legal staff contacted the business in early January to tell it to remove the barriers by the end of January. As the barriers were still in place in early February I urged that the council remove the barriers itself – and this has now been done.

I have now contacted a senior council manager and asked that, should this problem happen again, action is taken much more quickly to reopen the footpath.

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Maitland says:

    Re this matter at the South Anderson end of the “alley” permanent fencing has now been erected thereby barring the way through.
    Also, on the footpath outside Headland Court a telephone ? manhole cover had given way, probably in November time. Barriers were erected around the area, however, heavy winds around Christmas time blew them over and the are now lying on the footpath and there has been no apparent sign of anyone working on this.
    Thought I would mention it whilst referring to the other item.


    • Ian Yuill says:

      Jim, I checked again this morning (Monday 12th February) and the barriers at both ends of the footpath have definitely been removed. You can now walk through unobstructed.

      The South Anderson Drive footpath is the responsibility of Transport Scotland / Bear though its pretty certain the access cover does not belong to them. I will contact them and hopefully they will know who to chase up.

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