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Yet more potholes

by Ian Yuill on 18 March, 2018

Photo of potholeThank you to everyone who has let me know about potholes which have appeared or reappeared after the icy weather. I have reported all of these to the council and urged that they are repaired as soon as possible.

Whilst filling potholes does help in the short-term, the only long-term solution is for the council to invest more to properly resurface and repair crumbling roads and pavements. That is why my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have proposed this year-after-year.

You can report potholes and other road and pavement problems to there council or, if you prefer, you can let me have the details.


4 Responses

  1. Moira Beattie says:

    They have probably been reported but there are really bad potholes on Garthdee Drive between the shop at no66 and the top of Auchinyell gardens. Also the paths in between the stairs going down the left hand side from Ivanhoe Road on Ivanhoe Walk,the paths are all crumbling

  2. Michael Forbes says:

    A small pick up truck has been filling holes on Abergeldie Road with small bags of fillings.

  3. George munro says:

    Contractors for BT resisted council
    Sand box next to my front gate
    Could arrange for contractor to
    Replace in original position.
    Thank you

  4. John Atkinson says:

    It does seem rather preposterous that the council bangs on about improving the appearance of the city and embarks on various spending sprees. When the hoards of tourists arrive to see our “wonderful” city they will be shocked by the state of our roads! They will also think we are all drunk as we swerve to avoid the worst of the potholes. I have travelled to many parts of the world and we have sunk to the levels of the worst I have seen except possibly Sri Lanka. It is a waste of money patching potholes with poor quality filler. At the end of the day the cost of carrying out proper repairs will escalate and so the council are not saving money by putting it off. It is also dangerous if our roads are filled with cars with cracks in their suspensions which only become apparent when the spring totally break and a crash happens.

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