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Planning Committee gives approval for coffee shop at Seafield shops

by Ian Yuill on 25 March, 2018

Photo of cup of coffeeAa its meeting on 22nd March the Planning Committee gave planning permission to convert the former Morrisons’ store at the Seafield shops into a coffee shop. The approval of the planning application is subject to a number of conditions.

You can read the report prepared by the council’s planners about this planning application here.


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  1. Doris Yoong says:

    Just wondering about parking in the area of the coffee shop
    It is quite difficult to park at the moment and I would think Coffee shop will create more parking issues

  2. Helen Farquharson says:

    I’m not against a Coffee Shop in general but you can’t get stopped around there as it is if you are visiting the Co-op or Fish Shop etc so how bad is this going to get. The Tesco Express at Mannofield is a nightmare to get parked with most of
    the cars there being for That Coffee Shop so Seafield will be like that also

  3. Rosemary PATERSON says:

    Dear Ian many thanks for the info about the buses!

    Some of us oldies will have to be careful walking into town as Holburn Street is hilly – we will attempt to cut through the Ferryhill area up and down by the arches!

    Thanks again for putting this plan on the website – I will try to pass the info on to our neighbours- Rosie Pateson

  4. Nicola hunter says:

    That is fantastic news re the coffee shop, looking forward to a new contemporary up to date eatery/coffee shop being opened in the area!! 👍

  5. SEK says:

    I have long thought that the premises would make an excellent cafe / restaurant and I’m really glad to see that the planning has been granted for this. There are myriad coffee shops / small eateries in the west end but closer to the town centre that do not have parking so there is already a precedence there. These look to have been very successful, especially given their proximity to local schools. I do hope this venture is as successful.
    As a local resident, I look forward to being able to walk up and pop in and if it is granted a license, then it will be a welcome addition to the area as an alternative to the Palm Court in the evening.

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