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Council staff recommend not progressing Gray Street / Salisbury Terrace one-way scheme

by Ian Yuill on 7 March, 2019

Photo of one way signCouncil traffic management staff have recommended not introducing one-way traffic on Salisbury Terrace and the upper part of Gray Street.

This recommendation comes despite a survey carried out by the council in March 2017 showing that 80.4% of Gray Street residents who responded and 60.6% of Salisbury Terrace residents who responded supported introducing one-way restrictions.

The traffic management staff do suggest that alternatives that might be possible include short sections of double yellow lines to create passing places or introducing an experimental one-way scheme for 18 months.

Their recommendation to take no action is in a report to be considered by the council’s Operational Delivery Committee on Thursday 14th March.

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9 Responses

  1. Ann Bennett says:

    What reasons were given for not recommending one way traffic? The traffic management staff need to visit our street and witness for themselves the problems with the flow of traffic we residents experience on a daily basis. As for the introduction of double yellow lines – unless they are vigilantly and frequently monitored by wardens, that type of restriction will be ignored – as the existing ones are at present, the worst culprits being people who blatantly park on the lines outside and around the school. The no entry signs at the lanes at the southern end of Gray Street are also ignored. What was the point in conducting a survey of the opinions of residents if the overwhelming results for change were completely ruled out? Doesn’t really instil much confidence in the assumption that our local council officials actually listen to the concerns of rate paying residents

  2. Bill Reith says:

    I have lived on Gray St for over 30 years and have long thought that the most practical solution to the traffic issue would be to introduce a one way system. As you will be aware the main reason the street is so busy is because it is one of the few streets that connects from Great Western Road right down to Holburn St – so is used as a ‘rat riun. Having the upper part of the street one way would most likely stop that.
    I cannot believe that anyone thinks short sections of double yellow lines would help. It would not make traffic flow any easier than it is at present and would merely compound current parking difficulties – mainly for residents but also for parents parking to drop children off at Broomhill school.
    I would support an 18 month trial of one way – confident that it would confirm this as the only realistic solution. (Away on holiday 9-23 March)
    Bill Reith

  3. Simon Dingwall says:

    What was the point of the survey if you don’t impose something that has 80% support? No reason given for rejecting it either?
    What a waste of people’s time & effort….

  4. Ron Taylor says:

    Traffic Management Staff are, and frequently have been the problem rather than the professional solution to our traffic chaos.
    When I appeared in the Council Chamber to give evidence to Councillors regarding the regular use of Broomhill Road by Very Heavy Muti-Axle Vehicles, a member of the Traffic Management Staff stated that their survey showed there was no use of Broomhill Road by large lorries.
    Again, no doubt, dubious accounts of the traffic movement on Salisbury Terrace and Gray Street will be given to thwart the result of the residents survey.
    Our house look directly up Salisbury Terrace. We see the accidents, near misses and danger posed to school children and pedestrians but the Traffic Management Team, are again, myopic

  5. D O’Byrne says:

    The street is long overdue re surfacing and footpath paving, in addition to the need to at least trial one way. Council leaving itself open to claims for injury by not acting.

  6. John Harrison says:

    If the council for some strange reason only known to themselves will not introduce a one way system, they should at least make both roads a limit of 7.5 tons for vehicles except for access.
    The number of HGV’S using these roads to short cut Anderson Drive is substantial. and must be stopped.
    Double yellow lines will improve nothing, it is a ridiculous idea.
    Obiously it is just too much trouble for these sadly over worked ? council employees to put up a few signs

  7. Jim Maitland says:

    What sort of staff are employed in this department that can ignore such a compelling survey and most of all seem to ignore that there is a primary school at the centre of the area.
    Have lived here over forty years and seen the need for this proposal since day one.

  8. John Michie says:

    I would support an 18 month trial of one way – which would demonstrate that this is a practical and safe solution.
    John Michie.

  9. Michael Wheeler says:

    I agree with the well-stated comments already made. Parking is the problem and to suggest double yellow lines is beyond comprehension. Why have a trial – just do it.

    Mike Wheeler

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