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NEWS RELEASE : Local councillor condemns Gray Street one-way decision

by Ian Yuill on 14 March, 2019

Photo of one way signBroomhill Councillor Ian Yuill has condemned a decision by the Conservative and Labour councillors who control Aberdeen City Council to reject a plea from residents to introduce a one-way restriction on part of Gray Street.

Liberal Democrat Ian Yuill said, “I have consistently backed Gray Street residents in their call for a one-way restriction to be put in place on Gray Street between Great Western Road and Broomhill Road. As there is no space for cars going in opposite directions to pass there is very frequent damage to parked cars. There also also regular ‘Mexican stand-offs’ between drivers going in opposite directions who both refuse to reverse. Residents of this part of Gray Street have made it overwhelmingly clear that, because of these issues, they want a one-way system introduced.”

Ian Yuill continued, “I am disgusted that, at this afternoon’s Operational Delivery Committee meeting, Conservative and ‘Aberdeen Labour’ councillors refused to even consider introducing the 18 month trial one-way scheme I proposed. This decision by Conservative and Labour councillors means that residents’ cars will continue to be damaged and that there will continue to be confrontations between drivers on Gray Street.”

Ian Yuill emphasised that his proposal for a trial one-way scheme between Great Western Lane and Broomhill Road would have maintained the existing two-way access arrangement for the Mariner Hotel.

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11 Responses

  1. Simon Dingwall says:

    Absolutely ridiculous decision! Our car damaged 3x times in 3yrs, repair costs & insurance premiums then rise along with our council tax….. for what? So the residents overwhelming support for a one way system is dismissed on a whim! Pathetic Aberdeen council – yet another awesome decision!!!

    • Susan Ruszka says:

      We are outraged by this decision and lobbied hard with evidence of the stand offs and frankly dangerous constant reversing and resultant car damage. My car damaged twice in past 2 years, my husbands’s once and my elderly parents also had their car damaged while staying with us. Thank you Ian Yuill for working so hard for us. I suspect cronyism at work here as just makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. Alison Masson says:

    Very disappointed in this decision and can’t understand the reason unless it’s purely lack of money. Why waste time and money on a survey then? We pay a lot in council tax surely we deserve a safe place to park our vehicles.

  3. Michael Wheeler says:

    Dear Ian,

    You work very hard to represent your constituents and must feel totally frustrated at this vote. There’s a lot of talk about democracy these days and this example of ignoring the wishes of the electorate only adds to the problem.

    How can the council ignore the catalogue of examples of what we face in the street? The stupidity of some drivers who charge up the street when it is clear that there is already a block further up making matters much worse, the fist waving and mouthing when cars eventually pass. Some poor drivers being totally overwhelmed at the prospect of having to reverse considerable distances in a very narrow environment. On occasions residents have had to take over the wheel of a car to help out.To call this unpleasant is an understatement. But what it is is totally unacceptable.

    Please do what you can to exert further pressure. You can be sure of support from the residents.

  4. Jon Ruszka says:

    Dear Ian – thank you so much for supporting the residents of Gray Street. The vote organised by the council was over 80% in favour of a one-way system – how can that be ignored? I read the council report and, quite frankly, the reasons against a one-way system were extremely weak and none were evidence-based. I asked to make representation at the meeting but after initially being advised I could, was told that I could not. Making the street one-way from beyond the Mariner Hotel to Broomhill Road would work for all. That would provide unhindered access to and from the Mariner Hotel, thereby protecting the business, while protecting the residents and their vehicles from harm and stress. For your proposal of an 18 month one-way trial to not be considered by the Conservative or Labour councillors is unbelievable – suspicious even as it may prove you and the residents right! Only a trial can provide the evidence needed for the final decision. The only evidence that exists right now is that of the residents who have to endure the circus every morning and evening – yet the councillors chose not to accept that. Please keep up the good fight on this one Ian – you have masses of support from Gray Street residents! Thank You Again & Well Done – this was a crazy decision we cannot accept.

  5. Andy Stark says:

    Maybe ACC has enough financial problems (once again) without adding to them with costly one way systems? Why not use your garages in the back lane, most people have them, or simply park on the back lane like many other streets do. Is that so hard to do, isn’t that safe enough? Problem solved. ACC has spent hundreds of thousands to lay new pavement and plant some gastly new trees in Gray Street over the past 10 years because some residents didn’t like tarmac and complained; too common? Boy are those pretty concrete slabs slippy on frosty mornings (unlike tarmac). Good choice. A majority of 80%? Really? Did the whole street respond? I think not. Another case of the loud minority trying to overwhelm the silent majority. Really is this all the west end classes have to worry about? Burning more valuable ACC cash. Why not take time, to take stock, and get a sense of perspective, the city has far greater pressing financial demands, the roads ALL over the city are falling to bits and ONE street (not even all the residents) is more concerned about which direction they drive in! Maybe keeping the roads in drivable condition should be a greater priority? How about taking ownership of the problem yourselves, move your cars to the back of the properties, why is it always someone else’s responsibility to sort out and pay for a solution? This is a great result for common (financial) sense.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The response rate from residents was very high. Many residents have had parked cars damaged by vehicles reversing on Grat Street.

      Incidentally, one-way restrictions are relatively inexpensive as they do not, normally, involve any work beyond putting the signs up.

  6. John Atkinson says:

    I greatly sympathise with the residents of Gray Street. However the proposal put to the council was not simply covering Grey Street. If it had then it would have probably got through. It is well worth reading the report by the roads people if you have the stamina which explains why the council were advised to reject the proposal.

    It might be worth putting in a new proposal to the council limiting the changes to Gray Street and Gray St alone.

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