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Deeside Gardens – yet another overflowing dog waste bin

by Ian Yuill on 11 October, 2019

There have been repeated problems this year with the council failing to empty dog waste bins. The most recent example of this I have been told about by residents is at Deeside Gardens.

I have urged the council to empty this dog waste bin and clean up the area around it as soon as possible.

This problem will persist though until two things happen.

First, the council needs to ensure it empties dog waste bins more frequently.

Second, the minority of dog walkers who currently leave bags of dog waste beside full bins need to please take their dog waste home and bin it there.

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6 Responses

  1. Shona Dalgarno says:

    With regards to overflowing dog bins, the one beside the no. 15 bus terminus on Countesswells Avenue is overflowing nearly every week. I think the problem is the increase in housing in the area. More houses, means there should be more dog bins in the area. There are no dog bins in the new Dandara housing area at Countesswells. Please could this be addressed. With thanks. Mrs Shona Dalgarno.

  2. Bob Taylor says:

    Hi Ian,

    Your suggestion, that dog owners take their full poo bags home if the council poo bin is full, is a dangerous precedent.

    How about the council empty the bins that we pay them to do, job done.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Obviously the council should empty the bins but if a dog waste or litter bin is full people should not leave bags of dog waste hanging from it or on the ground beside it and should either put the dog waste in a different bin or take it home and put it in their black wheelie bin.

  3. David Campbell says:

    On my daily dog walk – 2-3 hours – I often see dog bins overflowing. I will have start taking photos of them. Should I send photos to you and somebody at the council?
    If disposing of dog waste at home, which bin does it go in?

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