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Mannofield church bus shelter not to be replaced until early 2021

by Ian Yuill on 16 October, 2020

Very disappointingly, a replacement bus shelter on he northern side Great Western Road at Mannofield Church will not be installed until early next year.

The bus shelter at the church was removed after being badly damaged in a traffic accident earlier this year.

This bus shelter is provided by ClearChannel UK and not by the council. Delays caused by the pandemic mean ClearChannel is unlikely to replace the bus shelter until early next year.

An email I received from council staff about the bus shelter replacement says:

“The bus shelter outside Mannofield Church is owned by ClearChannel UK and provided to the Council under the terms of a contract to supply advertising shelters in the city. The shelter was irreparably damaged in an RTA during the lockdown period due to the COVID situation at which time ClearChannel as a company was largely closed down and only emergency works were being carried out. The remains of the shelter were removed as a safety measure until a replacement can be provided.

“ClearChannel staff who can deal with the replacement of the shelter returned from furlough in September and have began the process of preparing for a new shelter to be installed. Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID situation lead times for shelter orders, installations and third party works including power connection provision by SSE are currently longer than we would normally expect and the indication is that the shelter can not be replaced until early 2021.

“I appreciate the implications that having no shelter provided at this location will have and I apologise that the situation cannot be improved. Unfortunately the situation is outwith our control and the delay is caused by unprecedented circumstances.

“The only alternative option that would be available would be to relocate a shelter from an stop that is currently not in use but this would come at a significant cost to the Council which is something that we are seeking to avoid at this time.”

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  1. P. Wolstenholme says:

    Well OK so what options do we have? As I walk past this bus stop I notice there are always people there. It is well used.
    Can we crowd fund a bus shelter? Most people would be willing to contribute to provide SHELTER from the weather. Basic. Why are we being held hostage by an advert provider.

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