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Countesswells Road speeding concerns

by Ian Yuill on 11 December, 2020

3 Responses

  1. Steve Leyton says:

    Seafield Road, Thorngrove Avenue, Thorngrove crescent.
    Breaking the speed limits posted on these roads and including the two above have been raised along with rat- running several times with Aberdeen City Council.
    Newly Granted permission for a supermarket site on Countesswells Road opposite the RGC playing fields and a residential development highlighted the likely problem of increased vehicles on these roads by near by residents from using this premise but appeared to be overturned by the planning group petitioned.

  2. Steve Leyton says:

    Regarding traffic on Countesswells Road,Springfield Road.
    Apparently Robert Gordons College was refused Planning to build a new college because of increased traffic on roads in the direct vicinity opposite the supermarket and allied commercial retailers.
    Is this the case? It is confusing when one of HolyRood Parliament’s mantra’s is Education,Education,Education.
    Is there not already sufficient supermarkets, and smaller supermarket shops in the immediate surrounding area.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The viability or otherwise of any proposed development is not in itself a planning consideration. The Planning Committee (or the Scottish Government Reporter if an application is called in or appealed) should decide an application on its merits with reference to local and national planning policies.

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