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Cranford Road pavement resurfacing a start but more action needed

by Ian Yuill on 21 March, 2021

Whilst I am pleased that part of the pavement of Cranford Road is being resurfaced, all of the pavement – and especially the road surface -of this road needs to be resurfaced.

The road surface is badly broken and potholed and the pavement is uneven with raised slab edges in places.

I will continue to press the Roads Service to resurface all of the road surface and pavements of Cranford Road.

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5 Responses

  1. Kathryn Stables says:

    The road surface in Braeside Terrace is appalling
    I have also been in touch with the council for a year regarding a dead tree in front of our house

  2. Ian Bolton says:

    Re. Cranford Road – I think now the trees are cut down, can you also request to replace the remaining pavements and then resurface Gray Street as well. I dont know Cranford Road to know if it is worse than Gray Street or not.
    What I would say is that retaining as many of the old paving slabs as possible would be good, and finding a new supplier of better quality paving slabs. My main objection to the new ones they laid is that there is a lack of grip on the surface. This means that the slightest amount of ice in winter makes the pavement unsafe and unusable. Contrast this to the older areas of pavement where the concrete slabs contained a much coarser type of grit and are, as a result, generally fine in winter.
    (Thanks for the answer re the drain channels btw)

  3. Linda Taylor says:

    Dear Mr Yuill, on the question of poor surfaces of various roads, may I suggest that you take a look at Hammerfield Avenue. Now that is truly appalling! On the subject of street trees, we have a street tree right outside our house at 45 Craigton Road where the tree tie is so tight it is now throttling it. It it not alone on our street as several trees were replaced at the same time and have the same problem! Many thanks.

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