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Braeside Place confusion as Braeside Terrace resurfacing work starts

by Ian Yuill on 4 May, 2021

The contractors resurfacing the Springfield Road end of Braeside Terrace have caused problems today (4th May) by closing the junction of Braeside Place and Braeside Terrace – despite assurances from the council that that would not happen. This has led to some drivers reversing from Braeside Place onto Craigton Road.

I have spoken with the council’s Roads Infrastructure Manager (the senior manager responsible for roads) twice on the phone so far today. I also spoke with him in person on Braeside Place around noon when we were both there looking at the signs and cones put up by the contractor.

The signs and cones put up by the contractor do not comply with the arrangements for the work which I was told about last week. Those were for the exit from Braeside Place onto Braeside Terrace to remain open at all times with the understanding that if the contractors were blocking this exit they would move to allow vehicles out of Braeside Place. Braeside Place was to remain one way – suspending the one way arrangement would require a temporary traffic order which is not in place.

Despite this, the contractors have put up a “road closed “ sign at the junction of Braeside Place and Braeside Terrace and signs at the Craigton Road entrance to Braeside Place indicating that it is two way.

I am awaiting an update from the Roads Infrastructure Manager and will share that here once I receive it.

Update 4.40pm, Tuesday 4th May

I have now spoken again with the Roads Infrastructure Manager. The unauthorised two-way signs at the junction of Braeside Place and Craigton Road have been removed. “Access only” signs have now been placed at this junction.

The “road closed“ sign on Braeside Place at its junction with Braeside Terrace has been removed. Three traffic cones have been left halfway across Braeside Place to indicate that drivers should proceed with caution onto Braeside Terrace.

Please do let me know if there are any further problems.

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  1. Alex Milne says:

    Thank You very much for your swift action on this.

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