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Local road and pavement resurfacing plans

by Ian Yuill on 4 June, 2021

The Roads Service is set to resurface and repair a number of roads and pavements in our are over the next 10 months.

Roads where resurfacing will be carried out include:

  • Auchinyell road – part
  • Cranford Road – all

Pavements to be resurfaced are:

  • Cranford Road – both sides between Great Western Road and Duthie Place
  • Gray Street – west side between number 68 and Hammersmith Lane

In addition, some street light columns in our area are set to be replaced.

Whilst it is good news that this work will take place, much, much more needs to be done to repair and resurface broken and uneven roads and pavements in our area. I will continue to press the Roads Service to do this.

My view is that the Council must invest more in repairing and resurfacing Aberdeen’s road and pavements. Year after year, my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I have proposed doing this at the Council’s annual budget setting meeting. Sadly, year after year, the coalition of Conservative, Labour and Independent councillors that controls the City Council has rejected doing this.

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2 Responses

  1. Anna Britain says:

    Ian what a mess they have made of our city centre roads with the ridiculous wooden seating benches and temporary widening pavements the way they gave. Of course that will have come out of COVID monies received from SG. We really need to get the top end of Gray Street resurfaced as I have yet again to get a new shock absorber put on my car.
    Thanks for your support in looking after this area. Will be good to get a Community Council up and running again for this area.

    • Ian Yuill says:

      The temporary “Spaces for People” changes in the city centre should be removed as the need for physical distancing is reduced and, hopefully, eliminated.

      Resurfacing Gray Street between Great Western Road and Broomhill Road is in the “reserve list“ of resurfacing projects for 2021/2022. The reserve list is a list of projects which could be carried out if any of the resurfacing projects planned for 2021/22 are delayed. Although it is not a guarantee, inclusion in the reserve list is also an indicator of the resurfacing projects that are likely to be included in the resurfacing plan for the following financial year.

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