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Call to protect trees on land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge

by Ian Yuill on 9 July, 2021


I have urged Council planners to protect the trees on the area of land between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge.

I took this action after being contacted by residents concerned about the possible sale and development of this land.

I completely understand how important this area and other green spaces are to local residents and our local environment.

The land to between Airyhall House and Northcote Lodge is privately owned and the landowner is free to offer it for sale. That though is a completely separate issue from building on it. Any building on the land would of course require planning permission. Before planning permission could be granted, a planning application would have to be made and people would of course be able to object to that planning application.

Tree Preservation Order

As this land is part of a Conservation Area, the trees on it already have some protection. There is though a higher level of protection the trees can received by making them subject to a Tree Preservation Order so, on 7th July, I urged the Council’s planning staff to put a Tree Preservation Order on the trees on the site.

Several people have suggested that the local community should buy the land. It is of course open to anyone to offer to buy the land. It would though require a great deal of money to be raised in a relatively short period of time. Having said that, any local group wishing to do so would have my full and active support.

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2 Responses

  1. Barbara Mackie says:

    Thankyou for acting on this issue. It is of great concern to think that this lovely wooded area, full of birds & wildlife at Airyhall might be cleared simply to erect yet another house.
    I am also concerned that a number of large trees have been removed from the edge of the Fox Lane path towards Cults. My fingers are crossed that a development in that green belt field is not being planned.🤞

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