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Residents’ frustrations at continuing Garthdee Farm Garden adoption delays

by Ian Yuill on 13 October, 2021

Residents have told me they are becoming more and more frustrated by the ever lengthening delay in Barratts carrying out the work needed to allow the City Council to take over the roads at the Garthdee Farm Gardens development.

Developers need to ensure that roads are of an acceptable standard before local councils take them over (called “adopting” them) and Barratts has still not done this at Garthdee Farm Gardens.

I again raised this with Council staff recently and received the following reply on Wednesday 13th October:

“Dear Councillor Yuill, As a further update, Barratts are still progressing with the necessary procurement of intelligent signage and associated approvals for installation. A Roads Engineer also met a Barratts representative on the 1st September to discuss the areas of roads subsidence within the scheme – the level of failure is unacceptable for adoption and ongoing maintenance by the Council. Barratts are to further investigate the reason for the failure and provide proposals for rectification prior to any works being carried out. We await Barratts response to these points.”

There can be no excuse for any further delays – Barratts must get this work done.

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