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Success – Hammersmith Lane to be resurfaced

by Ian Yuill on 24 April, 2022

After highlighted the broken and potholed condition of the surface of Hammersmith Lane, Council staff agreed to resurface it this year.

I am delighted that Hammersmith Lane is to be resurfaced but many more roads and pavements in our area also need to be resurfaced or properly repaired. I will continue to highlight problem roads and pavements to Council staff. I will also continue to make the case for the Council to invest more in repairing and resurfacing roads and pavements.

Please do let me know about any problems with roads and pavements in our area.

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3 Responses

  1. Kenny Hall says:

    Ian- the condition of Hammerfield Avenue, as you will be aware, is disgraceful. It is a well used rat run, and sometimes the potholes are useful in keeping speeds restricted, but it would benefit from a proper resurfacing along the lines of the recent Cranford Road upgrade . Are there any plans for this?

    • Ian Yuill says:

      Yes, Hammerfield Avenue is in a terrible state and needs to be resurfaced. I have repeatedly highlighted this to the Council’s Roads staff and urged that Hammerfield Avenue is resurfaced. I will keep doing so.



    Good news, glad to hear the repeated requests & photo’s have eventually been listened to – thanks.


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