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Newly elected City Council must focus on providing vital services

by Ian Yuill on 7 May, 2022

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I believe that councillors should focus on providing the best possible services for local people – and not spend time refighting national political battles in the Council chamber.

In the election, the Liberal Democrats, SNP and Labour all gained seats on the City Council following the election on Thursday 5th May. In contrast, the Conservatives and Independents both lost seats.

The overall result was:

Liberal Democrats4

Over the next few days there will be conversations and discussions between members of the parties represented on the City Council to see if a programme for the next five years can be agreed. In approaching those discussions, the Liberal Democrat councillors will focus on securing the delivery the policies and priorities in our 2022 Aberdeen City Council election manifesto. 

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  1. Eddie glennie says:

    Good afternoon sorry to bother you but I spent 20 mins to find and complete an application for bin to be uplifted because wife disabled and son just had a double heart bypass received No FS case 419766413 however on Monday bin not collected so sent an email on Tuesday and was replied by machine that I was out of time and had to take waste to recycle unit etc. cannot find phone number tried various options for application and gave up. Customer friendly Ha ha seems an example to suit staff can you help

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