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Cranford Road cricket club wall update

by Ian Yuill on 11 June, 2022

I have been contacted by a number of residents asking for an update on the fenced off Aberdeenshire Cricket Club wall on Cranford Road.

In the interest of openness I should first say that I am a member of Aberdeenshire Cricket Club.

Earlier this year someone complained to the Council that they thought the wall alongside Cranford Road was unsafe. A Council engineer inspected the wall and took the view that it was a safety risk. That meant the Council was obliged to take action to protect people using the pavement and road and so it fenced off the pavement and part of the road. That led to the one-way restriction. The Council also served a notice on the Cricket Club requiring it to make the wall safe.

Shortly after this happened I arranged a meeting between representatives of the Cricket Club and Council staff. 

The Cricket Club representatives questioned whether the wall was in fact unsafe. They also questioned whether the pavement resurfacing work carried out alongside the wall could have led to the wall moving. The Council representatives did not accept that the pavement resurfacing had any impact on the wall. 

The Council representatives made it clear that they were happy to work with the Cricket Club to resolve the problem including, if the Cricket Club wished, taking down the wall. The Cricket Club of course would have to pay for any work carried out by the Council. The Cricket Club is also liable for the cost of putting in place and maintaining the temporary fencing, cones and the traffic signs.

At this meeting I asked the Council staff to look at whether the area that was fenced off could safely be reduced. That resulted in the fencing being moved closer to the wall which in turn allowed Cranford Road to be reopened to two way traffic.

The Cricket Club has sought its own advice on the condition of the wall and I understand that advice is different from the view taken by Council staff. Discussions continue about the safety or otherwise of the wall and what action the Cricket Club would need to take to make it safe. 

All this means that, until either the Council is satisfied that the wall is not a risk or action is taken to remove the risk, the fencing and parking restrictions will have to remain in place.

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